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Scalability of the PolarSol system

The PolarSol solar heating system has endless scalability. Depending on the heat demand of the specific project, we calculate the number of solar collectors in the collector field and the water volume in the heat accumulator holder tank.


The collectors are installed on the roof, built into the building or installed separately. At large facilities, the holder tanks are underground thermally insulated concrete containers. The volume of a single container can be 150 m3 and more.

The functional use of the building dictates the design of waste heat exchangers to be used in the system. The flue gas and waste water are the conventional sources of the waste heat.

There is a customisable configuration of the PolarSol solar heating system providing the necessary level of autonomy for a building or structure of any size, class and purpose. A one-family house, a swimming pool, a factory and a water park can be supplied with hot water and heat with the same efficiency using the FREE solar energy thanks to the PolarSol system.