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About PolarSol company

imagPolarSol company was established in February 2009. Our objective is to establish the production of a highly efficient solar collector made of corrosion-resistant steel and solar energy saving systems for the municipal and private sector.

About polarSol Asia company

PolarSolAsia company was established in April 2015 in the Republic of Kazakhstan in order to promote the Asian market equipment manufactured by the Finnish company PolarSolOY. Priority goals and objectives PolarSolAsia is the introduction of environmentally-friendly heating systems, the use of "green" technologies, reduction of pollutant emissions into the environment, as well as optimization and budget cuts in the field of thermal energy. This strategy has been used successfully in the countries of Northern and Eastern Europe, Canada, and is fully consistent with the development program of the Republic of Kazakhstan "2050".

This was made possible thanks to the launch of a high-performance line PolarSol factory in Finland. The line produces an effective multi-heat exchanger made of a thin corrosion-resistant steel on the patented technology. In case of failure of power supply connection to the network, we offer our self-powered systems with the use of photovoltaics. In addition, our systems become fully autonomous. To manage all the processes work at each site controller is established PolarSol, allowing integration into the building management system BMS with the functions of accounting parameters generated thermal energy to heat and cold.

We went from an idea on paper to large-scale production of solar collectors. The partnership and close cooperation with scientific research, design and manufacturing organizations in Finland and other European countries have allowed PolarSol move forward in the development of power systems for cold climates. Currently, PolarSol got all grants available in Finland in the field of energy conservation and alternative energy sources. Our work and the help of our partners to implement the idea of ​​heating systems using the free energy that the sun gives us.

Мы гордимся тем, что первая автономная солнечная система отопления в мире, способная эффективно работать в холодных климатических условиях, называется PolarSol!